Oahu & Maui

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I find myself in the ocean,
I lose myself in the ocean

I went to Maui and I fell in love.
With the water, the sand, the green, the people, the food, the air, basically everything in and around the island.

Being physically distant from some places and honestly, some people, allows me to live in the moment and enjoy life.

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Monday Swimwear @ The Beverly Hills Hotel

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My roommate and I went to Tash and Devin’s Monday Swimwear pop-up at The Beverly Hills Hotel, where they promoted their new “Summer Nights” collection the day before it became available online. We fell in LOVE with the new collection, and we are SO excited to wear our new suits this summer. I chose the Clovelly in Nude/Ivory, and Eunice opted for the St. Barths in Olive.

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Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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This past weekend + part of this week, I was in the Dominican Republic with three girlfriends to celebrate birthdays and to just… vacay. “Birthdays” were moreso the excuse to gtf away of responsibilities for a hot sec and tan our bums. It was my second time there, and this time was very different than my first time. We were light on drinking and heavy on relaxing. The 4.5 day getaway was exactly what we all needed.

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Book Review: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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I am a big fan of Elizabeth Gilbert. Even BIGGER fan of her book-turned-movie, Eat, Pray, Love.

When I saw this book standing on the shelf at LaGuardia, and saw her name on the brightest, almost too colorful cover that would scream, ‘Hi, look at me! I’m reading a book,’ I took a picture of it.

Yes, I took a picture of the cover of the book. I didn’t buy it. Because I don’t buy books in airports for twice (maybe even thrice) the price, when I can get it for cheaper on Amazon.

So, when I was scrolling through my camera roll a few weeks ago to clear out some storage, I came across this picture — cover of this book. I opened my laptop,  went on Amazon.com and ordered it.

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