Happy New Year!

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In 2015, I graduated college, moved to New York, started my first job in media, experienced heartbreak, and spent the past six months trying to “figure out my life” in an unfamiliar city.

Well here’s the biggest lesson of 2015 – “figuring out your life” isn’t a real thing. It’s just an overused phrase.

Initially, I questioned my decision to move to New York. Leading to another big lesson of 2015 – own up to your choices because you made them. I fall more in love with this city every passing day upon realizing that I’m the only person in this world who can make my life better. You control the majority of your life (okay, maybe like 99.89%). So, start making wise and meaningful decisions.

With those two lessons, I enter 2016 with a grateful and hopeful heart. This year, I will (and hope to) travel more, meet more phenomenal humans, make more lifelong friends, exercise more, learn more, write more, laugh more, love more, care more, and be myself more.


Happy New Year!

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