February Favorites

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February kind of stinked. It really stunk, but I did enjoy a few new/old products and goodies of mine.

YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer: My face feels like a baby’s butt when I apply this on my face. I caved in and purchased this after Dorothy raved about it a few months ago. It is well worth the money. I stand behind Dorothy and highly recommend this product.

MAC Fix Plus: Do you ever walk into a random store after work (when you’re not exactly human) and purchase something, of some kind, then notice it somewhere in your room a few days later? Then you think, oh wait, I totally forgot I bought that. Well, this was one of those purchases and one of those purchases I do not regret. I used to spritz this on my face before and after my foundation, but this is isn’t why I love this product. I love it because it dampens out my dried out Anastasia eyebrow pomade. #Versatile.

Tarte Colored Clay CC undereye corrector: It’s a salmon shade with a pink-y undertone – this concealer is heavenly. I look wide awake with this painted on even after a sleepless night.

Formula X #ColorCurators – Song of Style Edition in A Girl’s Best Friend: So pretty that I just ordered another one…

Sleepytime Tea in Vanilla – I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I haven’t been getting the best sleep these past few months. Yes, months. Probably half radiator, half unnecessary but reoccurring emotions. I have no idea if this actually works…but I’d like to think that it does and I do enjoy the taste.

Black coffee – Hot or iced, I’m into it.

Chobani Mighty Oats Greek Yogurts – I have one of these babies almost every single day. Apple Cinnamon is my favorite if we’re wondering.

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