Hello 2017 – My Resolutions

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I come with another personal post. My 2017 resolutions. I feel like this word/concept – “resolution” – has developed a bad rep in the past few years, but I personally believe it’s a good thing to have resolutions. It’s a good thing to set goals, and to work toward something. Now obviously those things have to be realistic and attainable. I keep telling my friends that 2017 is going to be the year of the booty, but realistically…yeah. BUT, here are my main goals for this year.

  1. BE MORE POSITIVE – Mind changes matter. Mind over matter. I want to get rid of toxic thoughts, and hold only positive ones in my brain.
  2. MAINTAIN & STRENGTHEN VALUABLE RELATIONSHIPS – Keep in better communication with my friends and family. I also want to create more valuable relationships this year, especially since I moved to a new city.
  3. LEARN EVERYDAY – Learn something new everyday. Whether it’s a word, a saying, a fun fact, or shinfo. I want to stack up my brain with a sh*t ton of knowledge while I am still young and capable of learning a lot and well. In a mild deviation from this goal, I create another.
    1. TRAVEL – Because it opens your eyes to new cultures, new people, and new ideas. You realize this world is more than just vsco filters, drive-thrus and suburbia.
  4. LIVE A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE – Pretty much says it all. But I really want to be aware of what I’m putting inside my body in terms of nutrients and vitamins. I plan to stay active in 2017, and eventually have a shredded body by the summer.
    1. Lol

In 2017 (and in any other forthcoming year), I want to live everyday as my genuine self. No one should live their lives in an effort to impress others. Live for yourself. Just kidding, maybe impress your boss and the babe who keeps popping on your Insta popular feed, but THAT’S IT. Jk again, maybe your parents too.

In conclusion, happy 2017. Let’s value our days & friends, be mentally & physically healthy, and work really f**king hard to get those pair of shoes we really want, but don’t need.


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