Monday Swimwear @ The Beverly Hills Hotel

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My roommate and I went to Tash and Devin’s Monday Swimwear pop-up at The Beverly Hills Hotel, where they promoted their new “Summer Nights” collection the day before it became available online. We fell in LOVE with the new collection, and we are SO excited to wear our new suits this summer. I chose the Clovelly in Nude/Ivory, and Eunice opted for the St. Barths in Olive.

How I’ve never been to the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel is beyond me. If you’re ever in LA, please take the time to check out this aesthetically pleasing hotel. The green palms against pink walls/decor is everything.

We walked out with new bikinis, motivation to work out, and a bag of goodies in an effort to be golden and glowy like Tash and Dev. Then, we stopped by In-n-Out on the way back home. Oops.

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