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I find myself in the ocean,
I lose myself in the ocean

I went to Maui and I fell in love.
With the water, the sand, the green, the people, the food, the air, basically everything in and around the island.

Being physically distant from some places and honestly, some people, allows me to live in the moment and enjoy life.

We made the effort to check out a different beach each day. Not one reminded me of another. They were all different in texture, color, crowd and even the waves.

Our previous visits to Hawaii were spent in touristy areas, like Waikiki in Oahu. This time, we rented a car and stayed in Airbnbs in more “local” areas of the islands. It was a completely different experience and I would do it that way again.

Places I recommend in Maui:
1. Ho’okipa – small beach, but great place to see sea turtles!!
2. Paia – cutest little town; great place to shop
2. Kihei (Kamaole Beach) – Where we stayed in Maui; my parents were big fans
3. Lahaina – Beautiful small town on the North-West of the island
4. Makena Beach – *BEWARE* of this beach, the waves crash ridiculously hard on the shore line. My mom (as well as several other people) got wiped out and lost her glasses.
5. Hana Highway – We tried driving but after two hours on it, we got tired and bored of the whirly, swerving roads that we turned around upon reaching Honomau Bay
6. Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice – there were shave ice shacks on every corner, but had to try the well-known Ululani’s 🙂 Loved!
7. Sugar Beach – a bakery right next to Ululani’s that had the most delicious coconut cream pie
8. Wailuku – on our way to Lahaina, there was a “lookout point” that had the most stunning view of the south-western part of the island

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